About Digital Meat

Digital Meat is a mix of free and Patreon-only educational resources for Cinema 4D and Unity game engine users, these resources come in the form of tutorial videos. Digital Meat not only provides tutorials but also has a blog page, a store selling digital downloads, and a gallery. With enough user interest, i would like to set up a forum section on the site, that way Digital Meat members can start their own threads and discussions and help each other out. It would be great to see a thriving community here.

About Me


My name is Samuel Winter and I reside in Buckinghamshire in the UK. I first encountered Cinema 4D in 2009 when i was working as a lab technician, a friend of mine sent me a copy and said “I think you might get a kick out of this”, she wasn’t wrong. I’ve been working professionally as a 3DS Max Artist since 2010 but my main passion is for motion graphics and Cinema 4D. It was around 2014 that i decided to set up Digital Meat, it was slow at first but I began building viewers slowly. Things really kicked off when i started a YouTube channel in 2015, the viewers responded really well to the videos and the comments section is busy and full of positivity. Now in 2017 i’m looking forward to building a community on Digital Meat.