C4D Plugins: Select N' Go

Although Cinema 4D is a fantastic piece of software, there are areas in which it is lacking, one of these areas is the ability to export selected objects as another file format. Natively, you would have to copy the items you would like to export to a new C4D document and then export from there. This is a rather cumbersome way of doing things as it can waste a lot of time, especially if you are exporting object to a game engine because this may require lots of different exports and maybe several times as you iterate and add to your models.

This is no longer necessary thanks to the guys at fieldcreatorsstudios.com, they have made a brilliant C4D plugin called FCS tools box, and within this plugin there is a tool called Select N’ Go. This tool allows us to export selected objects in any file format that Cinema 4D supports. Check out the video on this page for a comprehensive guide to the Select N’ Go section of this plugin.



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