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When I started Digital Meat I had no idea that so many awesome and engaging people would be watching and enjoying my tutorials. As my viewership has grown, my time to produce content has become limited. I work a fulltime job and also do freelance work, but I’d love to free up more time to make more indepth tutorials. I believe my users deserve the best quality tutorials covering a diverse range of subjects and programs. If you have found my tutorials beneficial and would like to help me free up more time for Digital Meat, please consider one of the options below. Thank you.


The easiest way to support Digital Meat is to become a patron. The suggested amount to pledge is just $1 a month, this is to keep the financial impact to my users and subscribers to a minimum, but if enough people become patrons, it could constitute a bright future for Digital Meat. To keep things simple, anyone who becomes a Patron for any amount will get access to Patreon only tutorials, plus now and then i will post paid content from my site for my patrons. There is already a Cinema 4D / Unity asset on Patreon now!