Realflow For C4D: Wetmaps

In this RealFlow For Cinema 4D tutorial we take a look at Wetmaps, we go through wetmap settings and how to set them up, increase quality, and how to use the Wetmap data in materials.


  1. vv3

    Is it possible you explain how to use weight maps or other vertex maps with VRAY in C4D please ?
    Normal materials is a breeeze but with VRAY it is impossible to render different maps alltogether.

    Thank you for your tuts!

    • Samuel Winter

      Hey, is your comment related to this video or are you asking in general? Unfortunately I do not have VRAY for Cinema 4D so I don’t think I’m going to be much help.

      Glad you like the tutorials 🙂

      • vv3

        RF has the posibility to generate weight maps. I made a motext and assigned 4 materials – one to each letter. With normal materials the weight maps work nice and I see each letter with its color – i used 4 emitters (you can made a short video to show others I think too – it is cooler than the wetmap :P). The problem I have is that I do not understand how to have similar result with vrayc4d and unfortunately I have 0 response form vray and realflow (for the moment at least – maybe they will follow you 🙂 ).
        I like all your tutorials and if you have time to do more advanced techniques in RF it would be awesome for many beginners in RF and C4D.
        One other topic I think it can gather attention is to show VBD techniques to build characters and complex objects and also optimise the geometry of course. There are some good tutorials in VBD but mainly in easy stuff and far away from the modeling and sculpting tutorials out there.

        • Samuel Winter

          We need to clarify a few things, when you say weight maps, do you mean wet maps? or do you mean Vertex maps? Beyond that, what are you using them for? At no point in this conversation have you stated what you are doing with these maps, I’m guessing it’s in relation to the video?

          • vv3

            I mean weight maps as in vertex maps. It is not 100% related to this video but it is close enough. I want to put different materials on each vertex map but with vrayc4d it does not work or i use wrong channels or transparency for them.

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